Collaborative Work

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Collaborative Work: Best Practices for Effective Student Interactions provides a comprehensive look at how to set up, monitor, and assess collaborative groups and partner work. Teachers grades 6-12 will find many useful tips, tricks, and practical methods for facilitating group work. The first three chapters guide teachers through the planning process. The middle of the guide offers a series of chapters that help classroom teachers implement effective student interactions. The final two chapters focus on technology and how mobile devices and laptops can be used to enhance and transform collaborative work.


1. LiteracyTA's Interactive Guides
Learn about LiteracyTA's interactive digital guides.

2. Pre-Assessment
Use this pre-assessment to reflect on the collaborative work in your classroom.

3. Planning and Goal Setting
Use practical planning tools to set goals and monitor student growth.

4. Aligning Tasks to Standards
Explore ways LiteracyTA can support the teaching of speaking and listening standards.

5. Start Right Away
Learn practical ways to get started with collaborative work.

6. Transition Time Hurts
Explore the dangers of transition time and get practical tips that help students move in and out of small groups efficiently.

7. Power of Pair Share
Learn how pair-share and partner work can support all learners.

8. Managing Groups
Learn how to facilitate high functioning groups in class.

9. Strategic Grouping
Learn how to group students to improve group dynamics and increase productivity.

10. Random is fun!
Learn how to randomly group students with LiteracyTA's Collaborate tool and other "randomizing" strategies.

11. 5 Grading Strategies
Learn 5 great ways to assess and evaluate student interactions.

12. Blended Learning with Stations
Use three stations in a classroom to create opportunities for students to work independently, collaboratively, and online.

13. Collaborating Online with Google
Explore how Google makes it easy for students to collaborate online.

Product Details

  • Classroom tested strategies.
  • Practical ideas for facilitating group work.
  • Tips and resources for blended learning.
  • Assessment tools for partner and group work.
  • Friendly, interactive reading experience.

LiteracyTA's Digital Teacher Guides

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Interested in Professional Development?

In addition to the support, classroom-ready lessons, and practical teaching strategies that are available in Collaborative Work, we offer a two day workshop that helps teachers put into practice effective student interactions. The digital teacher guide paired with our engaging workshop is a great way to ensure collaborative work happens in every classroom.
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