10 Instructional Moves Defined

Lesson design and planning play an important role in student and teacher success. There is a saying in education: "The best classroom management strategy begins with a good lesson plan." To support our LiteracyTA members, we have aligned our 10 Instruction Moves to Marzano and Danielson's teaching frameworks. Although our 10 Instructional Moves do not explicitly call out classroom practices like rapport building and managing the physical space in the classroom, our skill-based pedagogy, activities, and academic literacy skills are designed to promote safe learning environments, strong literacy culture, and transparent, high level instruction. 

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Literacy Standards In Action

We've mapped our literacy lessons and reading, speaking, and writing skills to state standards, Common Core, and NGSS. The standards are "the what" to teach. Our lessons are "the how" to meet the expectations defined by the standards. Click on the links below to view our quick reference table that maps standards to literacy lessons.

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