10 Instructional Moves

LiteracyTA's 10 Instructional Moves supports the planning and implementation of skill-based instruction. So much of what we read in education defines what we need to do to help kids learn. To move students forward. To get them to achieve. Our goal is to support teachers by showing them how to design lessons that improve student performance. Our approach to lesson design is simple and effective.


Each Instructional Move is informed by best practices and research in education. The moves are accessible to all content areas and grade levels, supporting a common language and a common approach around lesson design.

Our Instructional Moves guide educators through curricular decisions that place skills at the center of teaching and learning. To be college and career ready, students must practice skills every day and learn to independently apply their skill knowledge to various academic and professional environments.  

We developed some tools around our 10 Instructional Moves to support teachers as they implement skill-based instruction. Our Skill-Based Lesson Planner is an interactive, online resource that offers a digital coach who helps educators create their lesson plans. We also offer a Skill-Based Lesson Template that can be printed off and used while working independently or with professional teams. Both of these resources--the Lesson Planner and the Lesson Template--are here to support educators as they learn how to plan with our 10 Instructional Moves for a skill-based lesson.

What's next? Learn how to build skill-based lessons with LiteracyTA's Skill-Based Planning Template. Let's get planning.

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