We have compiled some of the best teaching methods and classroom practices into digital Teacher Guides, giving teachers access to practical skills, powerful teaching methodology, and rich conversations that focus on improving student achievement.
Similar to our on-site and online workshops, teachers enjoy reading our digital guides because they always find something they can use. There are handfuls of great activities and ideas--and every once in a while, nuggets of inspiration.
The methods that make up this section promote student engagement, higher-level thinking, adaptability, and mastery of reading, speaking, and writing skills. 
Let's transform our classrooms and raise student achievement by putting effective teaching practices into action.
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10 Instructional Moves

LiteracyTA's 10 Instructional Moves supports the planning and implementation of skill-based instruction.

21st Century Skills

Designed to assist teachers in the implementation of technology in order to enhance instruction and improve student achievement.

Academic Writing in all Subjects

Explore how to get students writing in all subject areas.

Advancing English Language Proficiency: The EL Teacher's Guidebook

Get the instructional support you need to advance students' English language proficiency.

Collaborative Work

Increase opportunities for students to work collaboratively in class and online.

Critical Thinking

Higher order thinking skills like problem solving, application, synthesis, and evaluation are vital to students' intellectual growth.


LiteracyTA's Activity Book Curriculum offers online lessons that teachers use to teach reading, speaking, and writing skills.


Teachers who address the needs of English learners in their classrooms establish foundations for language support during the planning phase of instruction.

Literacy Skill Planning

Use this planning tool to block out chunks of instructional time for practicing high-level literacy skills.

Skill-Based Instruction

Teachers who deliver skill-based instruction use content as a way to teach reading, writing, and speaking in a discipline.

Workshop Guides

Teacher guides designed to support our workshops.

ZAP Classes

ZAP classes target essential college and career readiness skills, strengthen students' study habits, and help them succeed in the future.

LiteracyTA Environment

The LiteracyTA Environment gives teachers strategies and methodologies to support a student-centric approach to learning based on skill practice, independence, engagement and professionalism.
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