LiteracyTA's Activity Book Curriculum offers online lessons that teachers use to teach reading, speaking, and writing skills. Each lesson provides a link to an online text, a text-dependent prompt that guides the reading and writing tasks, and CCR-aligned skills that students can use to practice close reading and evidence-based writing.

The lessons are aligned to the College and Career Readiness standards (CCRs) and follow the activities outlined in the Literacy Skills Activity Books. Teachers can confidently teach reading, speaking, and writing skills with our Activity Book Curriculum. 


Click on a the Literacy Skill Activity Book that you are using with your students. You will be taken to our online lessons. Each lesson is designed to build and strengthen students' ability to read, speak, and write about texts.

Although we recommend starting with the first Experience, you can select any of the lessons.

Need a Literacy Skills Activity Book? Go to our Student and Classroom Resources in the School-wide section or visit Shop LiteracyTA.

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