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LTA Toolkit Pro is a classroom teacher’s companion for literacy curriculum and skill-based teaching methods. Our award winning digital toolkit makes teaching reading and writing easy, fun, and engaging for all students in all subjects. What makes this a toolkit? Practical handouts, digital tools, and step-by-step instruction that transfers good reading practices to all students.

We have made it very easy to teach literacy skills. You can access our Toolkit Pro skills through state literacy standards, explicit processes for reading, speaking, and writing, and through Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK). 

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LTA Toolkit Features
What can LTA Toolkit do for you?
Skill Library
Reading, speaking, and writing resources aligned to state standards.
  • Analyzing Prompts
  • Summarizing Main Ideas
  • Socratic Seminar


All 80+ Skills!

Teacher Guides
Digital books on excellent teaching practices.

You get one!

You get one!

Informational Texts
Online resources that offer great articles to teach your content.
You got it! You got it!
Prompt Builder
Create writing tasks in seconds for timed writing, essays, and state writing assessments.
You're part of the team! You're part of the team!
State Standards
Literacy skills and resources to teach state standards for reading, speaking, and writing.
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Differentiated Instruction

Teachers that use the LTA Toolkit Pro can target specific skill development for individual students and facilitate rigorous lessons that have unique supports, ensuring all students learn and grow.

Teachers can set individual learning goals with their students and create opportunities for students to practice skills as they work toward meeting their goals.

Student Centered Routines

LTA Toolkit Pro offers activities and tools that encourage collaborative work, partner talk, learning routines and processes. We believe students need to be talking in order to learn. As teachers present new skills, partner talk is supported through sentence starters and academic vocabulary.  

Learning routines are also easy to establish with LTA Toolkit’s step-by-step processes for reading, speaking, and writing. Our learning routines can be applied to various lessons and move students toward independence. For example, students can learn a comprehension reading routine that can be used while reading informative and narrative texts. The process, questions, and reading decisions that make up the routine are implemented the same way every time.

21st Century Learning

Teachers can access LTA Toolkit Pro in the classroom and at home. With our user friendly platform, finding, projecting, and printing student handouts, anchor charts, and language supports, is simple. In addition, any student resource can be projected in the classroom right from the website and enlarged for a class activity or discussion.

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I'm thrilled with the step-by-step lessons, prompts, and activities that will help me break down skills into small parts for my students to practice with explicit instruction. Thanks for all the resources!”

- Coleen (San Diego, CA)

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