TA (Teacher Assistant)

TA, our award winning digital toolkit, makes teaching reading and writing easy, fun, and engaging for all students K-12. TA delivers the skills students need to read and write successfully in all subjects, not just English or language classes. TA offers a step-by-step process for reading and writing that can be used to read texts in any subject.

TA provides a digital file cabinet full of literacy skills, collaborative activities, and classroom-ready lessons that help develop students into independent thinkers, readers, and writers.

Students can sign in during class and at home to get the support they need to complete various assignments, essays, and projects. Parents can also access TA at home or on the go. Teaching reading and writing can be challenging. We are here to help.

TA’s most popular features:
  • Reading, speaking, and writing curriculum
  • Digital lesson planner
  • 500+ Classroom-ready lessons
  • Language starters for academic talk
  • 1,000s of practical student handouts organized by grade level and skill
  • A dozen teaching tools including a Writing Prompt Builder
  • Teacher website that gives students and parents access to all skills, lessons, and activities

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TA (Teacher Assistant)

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Differentiated Instruction

Teachers that use TA can target specific skill development for individual students and facilitate rigorous lessons that have unique supports, ensuring all students learn and grow.

With the lesson planner, you can build lessons that target specific skills. The lesson planner is not one size fits all. Teachers can build different versions of a lesson, adjusting the skills and standards in a lesson plan to fit what a specific group of students need to practice.

Teachers can set individual learning goals with their students and create opportunities for students to practice skills as they work toward meeting their goals. Students have access in class and at home to language supports and graphic organizers that support their individual literacy needs.  

Student Centered Practices

TA offers activities and tools that encourage collaborative work, partner talk, learning routines and processes. We believe students need to be talking in order to learn. As teachers present new skills, partner talk is supported through sentence starters and academic vocabulary.  

Learning routines are also easy to establish with TA’s step-by-step processes for reading, speaking, and writing. Our learning routines can be applied to various lessons and move students toward independence. For example, students can learn a comprehension reading routine that can be used while reading informative and narrative texts. The process, questions, and reading decisions that make up the routine are implemented the same way every time.

21st Century Learning

Teachers can access TA in the classroom and at home. With our user friendly platform, finding, projecting, and printing student handouts, anchor charts, and language supports, is simple. In addition, any student resource can be projected in the classroom right from the website and enlarged for a class activity or discussion.

Parents and students can also access TA at home or while on vacation. Students can access handouts, language supports, like sentence starters and vocabulary lists, and watch demonstration videos at home and on the go. Students can review a lesson or make up late work if they are absent. TA is mobile friendly, so the work can happen anywhere. Our digital curriculum turns personal devices into powerful learning tools.

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I'm thrilled with the step-by-step lessons, prompts, and activities that will help me break down skills into small parts for my students to practice with explicit instruction. Thanks for all the resources!”

- Coleen (San Diego, CA)

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