ZAP EL Class 6-8

Curriculum for Character and Literacy

  • Build Study Skills
  • Learn Close Reading Skills
  • Develop Academic Speaking Skills
  • Support Ideas with Evidence and Reasoning
  • Engage in Inquiry-based Thinking
  • Strengthen Character

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ZAP--Zeroing in on Attitude and Performance--is an academic elective class designed for English learners to support and accelerate learning in a rigorous environment. The class targets students' reading, speaking, and writing skills, improves their study habits, strengthens their critical thinking and problem solving skills, and builds confident students with outstanding character.

ZAP EL classes are used to accelerate middle school English learners. The ZAP EL student has...

  • limited English proficiency
  • possible gaps in education
  • different levels of primary language literacy
  • a need to acclimate to U.S. school culture

The CCR-aligned curriculum used in the ZAP EL class provides strong language support, step-by-step processes for reading, speaking, and writing, and multiple opportunities for students to practice college and career readiness standards.

Here are some of the highlights of the ZAP EL class.

  • College and Career Readiness-aligned literacy curriculum.
  • Literacy Skills Activity Books that guide students as they learn and master reading, speaking, and writing skills.
  • College and Career Readiness Handbook that offers tutorials and practical student materials for reading, speaking, and writing about texts (currently available for middle level).
  • Character curriculum that teaches students how to be resilient, adaptable, gritty, solution oriented, and forward thinking.
  • Team building activities with debrief questions to teach thoughtful reflection.
  • Study Skills
    • Practical processes for reading and writing.
    • Habits of Mind reading and writing skill tutorials.
    • Skills for analyzing performance task prompts.
    • Skills for analyzing multiple-choice questions.
    • Approaches to note taking that help students identify and organize essential ideas during lecture and reading tasks.

Data/Results Driven curriculum: Student Growth Model

  • ZAP Coaches use skill rubrics to assess student performance.
  • ZAP Coaches use skill performance rubrics and other school-wide measurements to drive curricular decisions.
  • Students use Success Trackers adapted from Marzano’s student growth model to track their progress.


  • Online lessons that can be accessed in class, at home, and on the go on any device.
  • Mobile device friendly student materials, mini-lessons, and curriculum that support one-to-one/BYOD initiatives.
  • Student-centered, project based learning with Google Apps.
  • Activities and assignments that leverage technology to enhance and improve public speaking.

The ZAP EL elective class is taught during the normal school day and provides support for various levels of EL students. Typically, LiteracyTA's ZAP EL classes are used as a second hour of English language development, delivering a unique learning experience different from their English classes. Additionally, schools may elect to use the ZAP EL elective as part of an after school program, giving much needed structure and purpose to these types of programs.

The following presentation provides additional information about the ZAP EL elective. Share this with your department, grade level and administrative teams.


Teachers Enjoy

  • Teachers gain access to the award winning online TA (Teacher Assistant). Teachers can use the online TA to access and build CCR-aligned lessons, differentiate instruction, develop project based/student centered lessons, and share skills and lessons with their students long after the school day is over.
  • Each ZAP EL class comes with twelve engaging lesson plans (and access to hundreds more) that follow Marzano and Danielson’s frameworks for effective instruction.
  • Lesson plans and skill mini-lessons--all part of the TA membership--connect teachers to language supports, practical student handouts, and skill rubrics to assess students’ growth.
  • The online lesson plans work seamlessly with the Literacy Skills Activity Books, giving teachers visual support for each lesson.
  • Although a certain level of autonomy exists in the ZAP EL class, the CCR-aligned curriculum provides a clear structure and direction for the teacher.

Is the ZAP EL Class designed to support all content classes?

Yes! Schools use the ZAP EL class to support English Learners in all academic classes.

  • Extended English language period to support academic literacy in all content areas
  • Success classes for students who need additional academic support
  • Interdisciplinary lessons and vocabulary instruction to prepare students for rigorous curriculum and tasks
  • College and career readiness aligned
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