ZAP Zone 2-3

Curriculum for Character and Literacy

  • Build Study Skills
  • Strengthen Character
  • Practice Literacy Skills
  • Teach Critical Thinking
  • Work in Teams to Solve Problems

Product Details

Students will benefit from a balance of character education and rigorous, academic work. ZAP Zone--the elementary version of our ZAP elective class--teaches study skills, character, close reading and text-based writing. In addition, ZAP curriculum offers learning routines that are easy to implement and team building activities that promote leadership and cooperation.

ZAP Zone curriculum can be taught in a 40-60 minute blocks, or teachers can choose to teach 20 minute lessons and plan routines and activities throughout the week. We know elementary school teachers have enough to do, so we have made the ZAP Zone flexible in order to meet the various needs in the classroom.

Classroom Support
ZAP Zone curriculum provides various tools and supports to help teachers strengthen students’ reading, speaking, and writing skills. Here is a list of supports.

  • Digital teacher guide
  • Character trait and academic vocabulary anchor charts for classroom walls
  • Classroom-ready presentations during direct instruction
  • Active reading cards that support students during independent reading and prepare them for conferencing
  • Activities that support deep reading during modeled and whole group instruction
  • Team building activities with debrief questions to teach thoughtful reflection
  • Kid-friendly rubrics that assess every step in the reading and writing process, making it easier for teachers to explain competency on report cards and during parent conferences.
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