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Our FREE LTA Toolkit includes these key resources for teaching comprehension reading skills.
  • Graphic organizers to help summarize main ideas and key details 
  • Sentence starters for paraphrasing main ideas
  • Verb lists to help accurately explain what a text says explicitly
  • Lesson planning tools
  • A rubric for assessing summary skills (in English and Spanish)


Our FREE LTA Toolkit includes sample assessments for measuring students' abilities to comprehend text and identify textual details.
  • 4 sample assessments grades 2-12
  • Use LiteracyTA's Marking ToolTM question type to measure what students truly know
  • Unique student accounts for the LTA Classroom
  • Students can access a digital literacy handbook, classes, assessments, resources and more.


Our FREE LTA Toolkit includes these key argument writing resources.

  • Writing process
  • Lesson planning tools
  • Persuasive appeals organizer
  • Argument plan/outline
  • Claims and evidence worksheet
  • Transitional words for constructing arguments
  • Argument rubrics 
  • Argument writing Self-evaluation checklists
  • Writing samples


Our FREE LTA Toolkit includes these key resources for teaching speaking
skills through a Socratic seminar.
  • Evidence-based (text-talk) discussion starters
  • Cooperative learning language frames
  • Planning tools for implementation
  • Agree/disagree starters
  • Discussion maps and prep worksheets
  • Transitional words for constructing arguments
  • Speaking rubrics 
  • Student samples


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