We have compiled some of the best teaching methods in the profession (and added a few of our own) to help teachers create the LTA Environment--a dynamic literacy culture that is focused on raising student achievement. The methods that make up this section promote student engagement, higher-level thinking, professionalism, and, ultimately, independence.

The teaching methods that make up the LTA Environment are categorized into four elements: Engagement, Independence, Professionalism, and Skill Practice. Establishing and facilitating each of these elements is critical to student achievement. In the LTA Environment, students are intellectually engaged, collaborate on various teams, work in a professional manner, independently solve problems and develop a deep knowledge of high-level literacy skills. LTA Environment encourages continuous improvement through innovative instructional practice and explicit literacy skill development.


Teachers have the greatest impact on student growth and achievement. To be prepared for college, 21st century careers, and the Common Core State Standards, students need a solid foundation of literacy skills that they can transfer and use on their own. This is why we created the LiteracyTA Environment. We wanted to give teachers a practical approach to strengthening and improving the literacy culture that is so important to student success.

Although we provide a clear path to creating a successful learning environment, the specific teaching methods are always growing and transforming as teachers learn what works best for kids. In other words, the LiteracyTA Environment is not meant to be static. New ideas should drive and transform the environment. Teachers need to find new ways to challenge students. But with every new idea or direction, we must ask how will this move students forward? How are they becoming more independent? What skills are they learning? How will this help them develop into professionals? When we can answer these questions confidently, we can move forward knowing what we are doing is truly making a difference.

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