Writing Situations

Understanding and responding appropriately to a writing situation is key to students' success. As is the case with any writing task, students must recognize what they are being asked to do and quickly orient themselves to the expectations that are associated with the task.

For example, short answer exams expect brief responses usually in bullet form. Rewriting the question in the form of an answer is not valued. For a process essay, students can use outside sources, talk to their peers and teachers about the topic, and produce multiple drafts. Timed writing allows for one handwritten draft in a short amount of time. These are all academic examples. Students must also learn how to respond to professional writing situations like email and formal business letters.

This section provides skills and activities to help students prepare for diverse writing tasks. Students will need to learn skills to help them successfully complete in-class timed writing tasks, short answer exams, and longer process papers, projects, and reports.

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