Building DOK: Fiction Reading Skills

We have organized our fiction reading, writing, and speaking skills into two categories: comprehension and analysis. As students move through the categories, they will build their complexity of thinking or what Webb calls Depth of Knowledge (DOK).

To get started, identify the skills your students need to learn and select the skill category that meets your students where they are in their skill development.

Not sure where to begin? Go to "Get Started with Fiction Reading and Writing Skills." 

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Using Non-Fiction Texts as a Lens to Analyze Fiction
Get students practicing higher-level thinking skills with fiction and poetry.

In preparation for the Common Core exams and college and career readiness, students need to practice using one text to talk about another. One way to do this is to have students use one non-fiction text as a lens to analyze a story or poem. Purposefully pairing our fictional texts with non-fiction texts is a great way to get students engaging in the type of high-level reading and writing skills they need to be successful in the future. This type of rhetorical reading and synthesis provides deep insight into the great stories and poems we have grown to love.

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