LTA Toolkit offers a research-based literacy curriculum that will help you confidently teach reading, speaking, and writing skills across all subject areas. Our skills are leveled from 12th grade to kindergarten which means all grade level teachers are supported! The skills in this section are student-centered and model inquiry based thinking. Our literacy curriculum saves you time by giving you the framework to teach the content you love. The work is done. Select a focus and get started.
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Working with Non-Fiction

Reading Non-Fiction

Develop students' ability to identify claims, work with evidence, analyze arguments, and synthesize multiple sources.
Working with Fiction

Reading Fiction

Develop students' ability to analyze characters, examine story structure, and evaluate narrative techniques in literature and poetry.
Writing Center

Writing Center

Develop students' ability to write clearly and objectively for various situations through a process of planning, drafting, and revising.
Speaking & Listening

Speaking & Listening

Develop students' ability to engage in various types of academic discussions and present ideas both formally and informally.
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We make practicing skills easy and fun for our teachers and students!

How To Guides

Confidently teach reading, speaking, and writing skills with our how to guides.
Skill Guides

Student Activities

Practice literacy skills every day with engaging activities and practical handouts.
Skill Activities

Language Supports

Support and scaffold skill development for all students with effective language resources.
Skill Supports


Evaluate student work and provide quality feedback in seconds with easy to use rubrics.
Skill Guides

Grades K-12

Move all students forward with our elementary, middle, and high school student resources.
Grades 3-12

Student Presentation

Quickly transform any literacy skill in the Library into an engaging student presentation.
Student Presentation

Teacher Guides

We have compiled some of the best teaching methods and classroom practices into digital Teacher Guides.
Skill Instructions

Send it Home

Students can access the literacy skills they are learning in class 24/7 at home or on the go.
Teacher Website

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