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LiteracyTA's digital Lesson Planner is an interactive tool that makes lesson planning a snap. Built on researched based literacy strategies and best teaching practices, the Lesson Planner guides teachers through a simple process for developing engaging lessons that explicitly teach literacy standards.

We start with the state literacy standards and map them to practical activities and academic skills that help students become stronger readers, speakers, and writers. Teachers can build a lesson and share it, copy an existing lesson and edit the content--differentiating the skills and expectations so that all students have access to the learning--and give students and parents immediate access to the online lesson. With mobile access, its easy for students to complete make-up work, learn at home, and study for tests.

When the lesson is complete, transform the plan into a classroom ready presentation and have fun with our Collaborate! tool that randomly groups students and selects individuals to share ideas with the class.

Start with a Lesson Plan Template. 70% of the lesson is done for you!

5 Reasons to Use the Planner
It’s perfect for the 21st Century Teacher!
  1. Saves time. Build lessons in less than 10 minutes.
  2. Reduces workload. Share lessons with colleagues and contribute to a growing library of Common Core aligned lesson plans.
  3. Supports students. All of your students will have access to your lessons and support resources at home and on the go.
  4. Supports You. Pulls together skills, language resources, and assessment tools to help classroom teachers effectively plan and implement Common Core aligned lessons and implement the lesson with modern presentation tools.
  5. Supports Your School. Build a common language and common approach to reading, writing, and speaking about texts that move all students forward.
Lesson Planning is a Snap!
Follow our simple process below and get planning with high-level literacy skills.
Step 1
Select Standards
Step 2
Select a Text
Step 3
Build a Lesson
Step 4
Present in Class
Identify 3-5 College and Career Readiness standards to teach. Purposefully select a text that lends itself well to the teaching of specific standards. Build a lesson in less than 10 minutes and share it with your students and TA members. Transform your lessons into a classroom ready presentation deck.
Our digital planner is smart and cool.

Natalie--our online coach--guides educators through each step in the digital lesson planner. Natalie recommends literacy skills based on College and Career Readiness state standards, offers writing templates, and provides auto-fill text for various elements in the plan to speed up the planning process.

Once the plan is complete, simply click on the Zoom icon and watch the plan transform into a student presentation deck. When the presentation transforms, language resources, samples, and assessment tools appear under each skill selected in the lesson. Like a digital file cabinet, the lesson planner pulls all relevant resources into the student presentation deck. The teacher can use the resources or skip past them to the next slide.

Watch Video
Teach Analytical Skills!

Our lesson plan template offers literacy skills and activities that promote higher-order thinking, as defined by DOK Level 3 and 4, Bloom upper domains, and Costa Level 2 and 3.

Students should engage in higher-level thinking as often as possible. Reading, writing, and speaking tasks should be used to teach higher-order thinking skills like analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.

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