What’s this about "the writing process"?

By on June 6, 2012

As I work with teachers across the country (and the world), I find that "the writing process" is still considered by many to be a step-by-step procedure: coming up with an idea, drafting a text, revising, peer reviewing others’ texts, editing...

For many reasons, this has been a helpful pattern for students who may want to write something once and turn it in. However, as we know, there are many writing processes, depending upon a considerable number of factors relating to the task, the amount of time students have to complete the task, the students’ backgrounds and experiences, whether sources must be integrated into text---and much more.

It seems to me that we need to make many processes idea clear to students---just as we make clear the fact that there are many types of essays---as we move more confidently into the 21st century.

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