Students Need Practice Identifying Textual Details

Most reading and writing questions on state literacy exams, college aptitude tests (ACT and SAT), and college entrance exams require students to support ideas with textual details. What does this mean for teachers and students? For teachers, we need to increase the amount of authentic grade-level reading experiences we offer in all subjects.

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3rd Grade Students Show Incredible Growth

About three weeks ago, Mrs. LeMaster started a 3rd grade unit on reading opinion.

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Top 10 Features and Updates in 2016

Thank you for making 2016 absolutely amazing! Our individual teachers, schools, and districts made this year so special. All of you inspire us here at LiteracyTA to do better every year. 2016 was no exception. Here is our Top 10 list of new features and noteworthy updates.

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The Dangers of Assuming and Not Truly Knowing

I never learn. Before I left on Thanksgiving break, I had my students mark an argument. I wanted them to underline claims in the text and bracket evidence. From what I could see, my students nailed it! They were all engaged. They were all drawing underlines and placing brackets around textual material. I was so happy and ready for break. 

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Data-Driven Instruction Can Be Easy

This school year, get more scientific about your teaching instruction and see your students grow like never before.

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