The Skill Library is Expanding

By on November 18, 2013

Have you seen the new Skill Library? If not, I think you will like the new design. LiteracyTA's Skill Library has four new categories: Working with Non-Fiction, Working with Fiction, Writing Center, and Speaking and Listening. When educators enter the Skill Library, they now can choose from four categories that are based on common tasks and assignments.

Our new design allows us to expand our library with high-level literacy skills for reading, writing, and speaking. Simply click on a category and go. 

On the Skill Library home page, you will find additional information to help you plan for skills. We make it easy for classroom teachers to link to relevant tools and resources available to TA members.

When you click on a category, you will be taken to a page that offers subcategories that are used to organize the skills in the section. On the Working with Non-Fiction and Working with Fiction pages, we used higher-order thinking subcategories (Bloom and Webb) to organize the literacy skills.

Just below the subcategories, we explain how to navigate the skills on the page and link teachers to relevant Common Core Tools. And yes, we now have a writing section. We are very excited about the Writing Center. The Writing Center offers a dozen new writing skills that content area teachers can use to teach Common Core writing standards. This section will grow over time, so check in often because we are adding new skills every week.

We have also expanded our speaking and listening skills and organized them into three subcategories: Academic Discussions, In-Class Presentations, Collaborative Activities. This section offers the skills and activities you and your students love plus many more great ideas.

We hope you like our new design. Our goal is to make teachers' jobs easier and provide them with the best high-level literacy skills available. Let us know how we are doing. join the conversation, and share this post with others. Enjoy!


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Literacy Standards In Action

We've mapped our literacy lessons and reading, speaking, and writing skills to state standards, Common Core, and NGSS. The standards are "the what" to teach. Our lessons are "the how" to meet the expectations defined by the standards. Click on the links below to view our quick reference table that maps standards to literacy lessons.

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