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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a fantastic winter break. Some of us are returning to school this week and others (like my father) have another week off. Regardless of where your break falls, it is 2017. And every new year brings new opportunities, a fresh start, and new (or renewed) commitments. As always, LiteracyTA remains committed to improving everyday. 

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Be a Part of What's Next

By on September 26, 2016
Be a Part of What's Next

We are so excited about our new updates this year. We have renamed the TA to the LTA Toolkit Pro, reorganized the LTA Toolkit Pro resources under one webpage, and launched the LTA Classroom + Assessment. Phew! What an amazing list. But we aren't done. We want to focus on the LTA Classroom and the new assessment tool that auto-grades digital marking. And we need your help.

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FREE EL Seminar July 19th! Don't Miss It!

We are hosting a FREE LTA U Colloquium (seminar) this summer at at San Diego State University. The one day event is open to all EL teachers grades 6-12, administrators, and postsecondary educators.

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We Appreciate You!

It is an honor working with so many amazing teachers across the United States. I say this every time I am in a room of educators. Teaching is a wonderful profession. Sure it is hard and draining at times, but the reward of seeing inspired students succeed makes it all worthwhile. I get the best of both worlds.

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Teaching Is Easier with Our New Lesson Templates

When we built our digital lesson planner, we wanted to give teachers a few standard-aligned templates so they had a place to start. The templates save time and make planning easier for teachers because they offer a lesson that is 75% complete.

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