It's Good to Have a Boutique Literacy Company On Your Side

By on June 6, 2019

I was speaking with my wife the other day about LiteracyTA, and she explained to me how valuable a boutique literacy company is these days. We talked about how big business in every industry likes to buyout (or swallow) small companies so that they can control and dominate a specific market.

The major problem these big companies have--especially in education--is customer service and generating quality resources and materials. For many mammoth education companies, the "bottom line" drives daily decisions. Boutique companies--like us--have the freedom to care about their clients and listen to their needs. What's more, a company like LiteracyTA can adjust and respond to specific needs in a couple of days not months or even years.


Why am I writing about this topic this week? It's simple. I am proud of my boutique literacy company. Lee Ramsey--the co-founder of LiteracyTA--and our small team can do amazing things for students, teachers, and schools. We have been doing great work since 2010 and we plan to continue our work well into the future. 

My wife works at a small elementary school. They are very successful because they care. Their motto is: "A small school with a big heart." I can relate to this. LiteracyTA is a small company with tenacity, grit, and creativity. We wake up everyday to make a positive impact on student achievement. Our schools know that what we offer is authentic, effective, and impactful. 

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this incredible mission.



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