Introducing Literacy sTArs: Our Newest Elementary Resources

By on February 9, 2014

LiteracyTA is dedicated to helping students grades 2-12 master Common Core and college and career readiness skills. We are working hard to develop practical tools and resources to support the skills as they become increasingly more difficult as students move through the grade levels.

This week, we are pleased to announce the release of a whole new set of elementary resources.

First, we have a new Literacy Skills Book called Literacy sTArs. This book is a wonderful addition to our library of Literacy Activity Books. A special thanks goes to Lauren Garrison, an elementary school teacher in the Poway Unified School District, San Diego--for helping us shape and create excellent student handouts for this amazing resource. LiteracyTA is proud to announce Literacy sTArs.

Meet Drake! He is the character we use in our Literacy sTArs program and student materials. Drake is a friendly dragon who helps students improve their ability to read, speak, and write about texts.

Secondly, our TA members will begin to see our sTArs program appear in the elementary resources. Currently, we have sTArs resources in three areas. Look for Drake. He is adorable.

This summer, Chatham County Schools, North Carolina, will use our Literacy sTArs program to support 400 of their 3 grade students. We have partnered with Chatham County to improve their students’ ability to read, speak, and write about fiction and non-fiction texts. Students will attend a six week summer camp. Students will engage in team building activities, practice essential literacy skills, and read various stories in order to build stamina and fluency. Students will attend the program Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 11 AM. A team of teachers and coaches from Chatham County Schools are helping build a program unique to their students’ needs. This is truly an exciting time for us and for the students in Chatham County.

The Literacy sTArs Activity Book is available for order. Contact us for more information. Phone: 619-796-5541 Email:

Tell us how we are doing. Let us know how you are using our elementary materials. Join the conversation below.

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Literacy Standards In Action

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