Browser Power

By on February 1, 2013

Your web browser is the number one most used program on your computer. It gives you access to all your favorite websites and tools that help you with your work. The web browser is the #1 tool we use in the office and will be one of your most important tools in education.

The 4 most used web browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE (Internet Explorer).

Are you taking care of your web browser? Are you giving it the TLC that it deserves?

If you are, I'm proud you understand the importance of your web browser. If you need a little assistance here are a few tips to get the most out of your web browser and computer.

Web Browser Tips

1. Upgrade to the latest version.
Companies that build websites only support versions of web browser that are a few years old. If you are on an old version you may think the website is broken or looks weird. Odds are you need to upgrade.

2. Speed is important.
Your web browser is a tool that you want working well to help you complete your tasks. IE is one of the slowest. IE was my main web browser until about 3 years ago when it became slow and I started looking for alternatives. I tried Firefox for a year and it worked well. Again the same thing happened and it started slowing down. I moved to Chrome (Google's web browser) and I'm happy I did. It runs as quick as a Google Search, and that is fast!
Chrome Browser

3. Ensure your favorite websites are supported.
Some websites will only support certain web browsers. I still have to go back and use IE with some websites. I tend to shy away from those websites.

4. Support interactive websites.
I love the new interactive websites and how engaging they can be. Unfortunately most web browsers that are older than 2 or 3 years do not support the new technologies that allow websites to be interactive and engaging. One example is our student presentation tool for lesson plans. The technology in new web browsers allow the presentation to zoom around and be interactive. It even looks great when you present on an iPad! Checkout the demo on the Lesson Planner Page.

5. Super charge Gmail, Google Docs and Google products.
Here at LiteracyTA Gmail and Google Docs power our business. Chrome is designed to increase your productivity while using Google Products. That means you can spend more time doing what you love!

Links on how to update your web browser

If you haven't noticed yet I think everyone should be using Chrome. Give it try and see how it can increase your productivity.

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