Announcing Test Ready from LiteracyTA

By on February 8, 2016

This eCoach is our official Test Ready kickoff for the 2015-2016 school year and will focus on LiteracyTA's “I can!” heart. LiteracyTA wants students and teachers to know that doing well in school and in life requires an “I can” mindset. Too often we allow “I can’t” to interfere in our lives: we make excuses, shy away from challenges, or give up too soon. As we move into testing season, students need to believe--and we need to show them--that they are capable of doing extraordinary things. Testing strategies will not make a difference if students don’t think they are capable of succeeding. It’s simple: believe in students and they will believe in themselves.

On day one, students need to feel that their teachers believe in them. They need to know that they can achieve. We can communicate “I can” messages through...

  • direct statements: “I believe that all of you can do very well…” (shuffle and repeat)
  • challenging assignments. When we challenge our students intellectually, we say to them, "I believe you can think, and learn, and produce amazing work!"
  • high expectations. When we hold every student accountable for meeting our expectations, we announce to the class, "I believe in you! Nothing is beyond your reach."

Our messages (whether they are explicitly stated or communicated by our expectations) make a tremendous impact on our students. They need our support. They need to know we care. And when they feel that we believe, they soar!

Stay connected with us this testing season. Follow me on Instagram #dailyliteracytips and on Twitter @literacyta. Help spread the word so students hear us across the nation: I can!

Starting next week, I will discuss test ready strategies that you can use to help your students prepare for exam day. We will share a strategy each week on social media, but for the whole shebang, check out Test Ready!


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