Students Need Practice Identifying Textual Details

Most reading and writing questions on state literacy exams, college aptitude tests (ACT and SAT), and college entrance exams require students to support ideas with textual details. What does this mean for teachers and students? For teachers, we need to increase the amount of authentic grade-level reading experiences we offer in all subjects.

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3rd Grade Students Show Incredible Growth

About three weeks ago, Mrs. LeMaster started a 3rd grade unit on reading opinion.

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When a Score Isn't Enough: Students Explain Their Data

A new style of assessment is now available! When building an assessment in the LTA Classroom, Toolkit Pro Teachers can choose from two types of tests: Assessment or Practice. The "Assessment" option is a standard test. Students work through each question and get a score at the end.

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3 Great Ways to Assess Writing Standards

Assessing writing takes time. Lots of time. No one has really nailed grading writing. Holistic rubrics and have been the most modern innovations when it comes to writing. LiteracyTA hasn't found a way to auto-grade an essay (sorry English teachers and teachers of writing), but we are innovating and finding ways to make grading writing faster and more effective.

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Let's Get Better Together

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a fantastic winter break. Some of us are returning to school this week and others (like my father) have another week off. Regardless of where your break falls, it is 2017. And every new year brings new opportunities, a fresh start, and new (or renewed) commitments. As always, LiteracyTA remains committed to improving everyday. 

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