LiteracyTA Team


A team of educators dedicated to helping all students successfully read, speak, and write about texts.

Our Mantra

Supporting teachers supporting students.

Literacy Skills In Action

We believe that student achievement and success start with mastery of reading, writing and speaking. Teachers play an instrumental role in teaching these literacy skills to students. That's why we developed an online literacy skills library for teachers, complete with how-to guides, student activities, supports, samples and assessments for each skill. And, we created a ready-made presentation that includes simple teaching techniques and methodologies that help put each skill in action.

Literacy Products and Programs

We provide teachers with tools, resources and programs that help support making literacy skill instruction actionable and real.

With our online Literacy Skills Library, activity books and literacy programs, teachers can incorporate literacy skills into classroom curriculum immediately and effectively.

Our products and programs are designed to:

  • Support Common Core State Standards
  • Reinforce literacy skill building throughout elementary, middle and high school
  • Extend beyond into college, career and life
  • Bring consistency across the curriculum, in any content area and discipline

Shop LiteracyTA for more information on our products and visit our School-wide section for more information on our literacy programs.

Our Team

We are inspired educators and business professionals.

Our Fans

They can be found all over the world.

I always leave these training sessions with exciting educational ideas and a renewed energy to improve my students education and lives!”

- Christopher (San Diego, CA)

I am excited about finding real solutions for helping students learn to read and write in math class. Although modifications are needed, the strategies presented are solid and practical.”

- Linda (Cobb, GA)

Once again, I learned a variety of different skills and resources that I can take directly into my classroom the next day.”

- Brendan (Santa Barbara, CA)

I'm thrilled with the step-by-step lessons, prompts, and activities that will help me break down skills into small parts for my students to practice with explicit instruction. Thanks for all the resources!”

- Coleen (San Diego, CA)

I can’t wait to try these strategies with my college students.”

- Ashlie (Kennesaw State University, GA)

Relevant. Love walking out the door with strategies to use in class tomorrow. Powerful tools. LOVE the lesson plan function. AWESOME!!!”

- Jennifer (Santa Barbara, CA)

WOW, What a lot of golden gems to use with teaching. I'm planning to spend - next week - 20 minutes every day exploring and executing pieces of LiteracyTA to put all this into action as part of my impact plan.”

- Barbara (San Diego, CA)

This training provides practical, step-by-step instructional strategies that are well-founded in research and ready to apply in the classroom. Moreover, this training supports our efforts to roll out Common Core State Standards. The best part is that the trainer speaks with the kind of authority that only comes from classroom experience and “real world” students--from the toughest to most talented.”

- Carolyn (Cobb, GA)

As a new teacher it is so great to be exposed to new strategies across the curriculum to help in engaging and motivating students.”

- Erin (San Diego, CA)

Together We Focus On Student Achievement

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