21st Century Skills

This section is designed to assist teachers in the implementation of technology in order to enhance instruction and improve student achievement. We know that part of college and career readiness requires a solid foundation in a variety of digital tools and a deep understanding of digital citizenship.


To best prepare our students for modern literacies, we must teach students that technology is used for more than entertainment and socializing. Students are most familiar with social media--which has its place to be sure--but very few students have used technology in an academic setting. Our students need to learn how the academic and professional worlds use technology to communicate, collaborate, and create new knowledge.

LiteracyTA has identified a list of 21st century learning targets and values that students should develop before entering college and the professional world. We recommend teaching these skills and values across all content areas so that students have a chance to master them. You will notice that our 21st century learning targets are not a list of technology standards or applications students should use in school. Instead, we provide a list or reading, speaking, and writing skills that can be taught and enhanced through technology. The same can be said about our recommended values. The values are not found in technology but educators can use online environments to teach these values to students. 


Use prompt analysis skills to comprehend writing tasks and to provide a purpose for reading.  

Strategically select analytical reading skills for various reading tasks.

Analyze a wide range of texts that are written, spoken, and/or created.

Evaluate credibility of print and online sources.


Speak appropriately to various academic and professional audiences.

Collaborate effectively online and in person.

Present complex ideas through modern presentation tools and applications.


Write appropriately to various academic and professional audiences online and in person.

Synthesize ideas from various sources in order to create new ideas.

Produce writing that is technical and analytical.


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Explore the different teaching methods below to learn practical ways to use technology to teach 21st century literacy skills.

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