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TA (Teacher Assistant)

Our award winning online tools and resources support you and your students.

Passionate about supporting kids
Our TA members share a common passion and want all kids to succeed in school, at work, and in life. In today's information age, we know that students need to be able to read, think, and write analytically about a wide range of texts.

Top 5 TA Features
As a TA member, you have access to…
  • over 60 skills to help students read, speak, and write about texts.
  • a growing library of Common Core lesson plans.
  • a skill-based lesson planner to help you create your own Common Core aligned lessons.
  • resources to help you find quality non-fiction texts.
  • interactive tools to help you create text-dependent tasks and evaluate the complexity of your texts.

Less than a cup of coffee
You get all of this for only $50 dollars a year (which works out to be roughly $4.17 a month). For the price of a cup of coffee, you can have this amazing resource.

Teachers Helping Teachers
We are teachers helping teachers. We are improving every day. Come join our team of inspired educators and help students reach their ultimate potential.

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I'm thrilled with the step-by-step lessons, prompts, and activities that will help me break down skills into small parts for my students to practice with explicit instruction. Thanks for all the resources!”

- Coleen (San Diego, CA)

Common Core Standards
Literacy Skill Maps

Put the Common Core in Action

LiteracyTA has mapped literacy skills to each of the Common Core Standards. This allows you to quickly get started teaching the Common Core.

Common Core
Lesson Planner

Make lesson planning a snap

LiteracyTA's Common Core Lesson Planner is for the 21st century teacher. Follow our 5-step process to produce a skill-based lesson plan built on the pillars of Common Core, literacy skills, best practices and technology.


Build a Common Core skill-based lesson with tips and suggestions from Coach Natalie.
Common Core Lesson Planner Tutorial Video


Share your Common Core lessons with your colleagues and LiteracyTA educators.
Common Core Lesson Planner Tutorial Video


Teach the lesson with an interactive presentation that includes how-to guides and student activities.
Common Core Lesson Planner Tutorial Video

Send Home

Make your lessons available on your website so students can access them whenever, wherever.
Common Core Lesson Planner Tutorial Video

Skill Library

Increase engagement and learning with skill-based instruction

Our Literacy Skills are designed to improve students' reading comprehension, verbal communication skills, collaborative learning skills, and writing skills. We provide support for all content areas and Grades 3-12 as well as college.

Browse Skill Library

How To Guides

Simple and explicit directions guide students through the process of learning the skill.

Student Activities

Practice the skill with student activities that help them reach mastery.


Supports and scaffolds provide ways to assist students as they get started with a skill.


Evaluate student work and provide quality feedback in seconds with easy to use rubrics.

Teacher Website

Assist Students at Home

When the day is done, TA takes over. Students have access to literacy skills and lessons used in class. They can print handouts and complete them before class, or they can preview a strategy as a way to prepare for a lesson in class. TA never takes a break. It is ready to work even when you are fast asleep.

eCoach Monthly Newsletter

eCoach gets you moving

LiteracyTA's eCoach motivates you and keeps you going with innovative literacy skills, teaching methods and instructional tips. Stay connected to the team. Get inspired. Earn more than 20 hours of professional development over the year. Learn, grow, and achieve with eCoach.

Learn with eCoach

Teaching Methods

All minds on all of the time

TA offers practical teaching methods to help teachers engage all their students in higher level thinking. From critical questioning techniques to critical responding, the TA will make this work easy and fun. The strategies are interactive. The process is simple. Think about it.

Browse our Teaching Methods

Discounts at Shop LiteracyTA

Save more with TA!

TA will save you over 25% on all products found in Shop LiteracyTA. The literacy shop has bookmarks for students that offer daily reading and writing reminders. Also educators can order their own copy of our Literacy Skills Activity Books.

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Designed for All 21st Century Devices

Teach from your iPad or Tablet

TA is ready to work at home or on the go. The TA looks great on a phone, on an iPad, or a tablet. Our colorful images and simple design looks great on all mobile devices. Get connected. You're going to like what you see.

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