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TA (Teacher Assistant)

Our award winning online tools and resources support you and your students.

Passionate about supporting kids
Our TA members share a common passion and want all kids to succeed in school, at work, and in life. In today's information age, we know that students need to be able to read, think, and write analytically about a wide range of texts.

Top 5 TA Features
As a TA member, you have access to…
  • over 60 skills to help students read, speak, and write about texts.
  • a growing library of Common Core lesson plans.
  • a skill-based lesson planner to help you create your own Common Core aligned lessons.
  • resources to help you find quality non-fiction texts.
  • interactive tools to help you create text-dependent tasks and evaluate the complexity of your texts.

Less than a cup of coffee
You get all of this for only $50 dollars a year (which works out to be roughly $4.17 a month). For the price of a cup of coffee, you can have this amazing resource.

Teachers Helping Teachers
We are teachers helping teachers. We are improving every day. Come join our team of inspired educators and help students reach their ultimate potential.

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I'm thrilled with the step-by-step lessons, prompts, and activities that will help me break down skills into small parts for my students to practice with explicit instruction. Thanks for all the resources!”

- Coleen (San Diego, CA)

TA (Teacher Assistant) Reviews

Noe Noe 9/30/2015

Connects to all the best practices our school is prioritizing for this school year.

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