Elementary School

In elementary school, explicit instruction in reading stops at the third grade as content becomes the central focus of the curriculum. And although there are a number of good reasons why this shift happens, we must realize that gaps in our students' abilities to read start here.

As texts become more sophisticated and reading assignments more challenging, students need the reading support they once received. The "learning to read" strategies utilized in first and second grades do not adequately support the reading demands that third and fourth graders experience. After the third grade, students are expected to read independently and do something with what they have read. Students, therefore, lack the academic skills necessary to perform well in rigorous learning environments.

As a response to this need, LiteracyTA's on-site and online trainings will equip elementary teachers with the reading comprehension strategies and basic writing skills our young students need to advance successfully into secondary education.

LiteracyTA and Common Core

Common Core
Readiness Planning

Get ready for Common Core with LiteracyTA's Common Core Roadmap.

Teacher Workshops

Workshops centered around improving students’ abilities to read, speak, and write about texts.

TA (Teacher Assistant)

Online teacher tools and resources that supports the teaching of reading, speaking and writing skills.

Student and Classroom Materials

Practical classroom materials that teachers use to improve students' reading, speaking, and writing skills.

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