Common Core Standards In Action

We’ve made it easy to identify literacy skills that effectively teach Common Core standards. Throughout our materials, we have explicitly aligned Common Core standards to our skills and activities. Click on the links below to view our quick reference table that maps standards to literacy skills.

Accelerate all students’ abilities to read, speak, and write about texts.
Teachers Building Literacy Culture
The Answer to Common Core
We believe that all students can achieve and should have the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life. We also believe that learning how to read, speak and write about texts will have the greatest impact on student success and their futures.

In preparation for the Common Core exams, 21st century skills and college and career readiness, students must learn how to adapt their literacy skills to fit diverse reading, writing and speaking tasks. This strategic flexibility requires both a deep knowledge of literacy skills and an ability to think independently about how best to apply skill knowledge. LiteracyTA's tools and materials are the bridge teachers need to meet this expectation and to ready students for the rest of their lives.

LiteracyTA Students
Practice skills every day in every class.
It's a simple formula!
Student Resources
Literacy Skills
We offer high level literacy skills that transfer across disciplines and teach students to read, write, and think analytically. We support teachers every step of the way and help them transition to skill-based instruction.
Student Resources
Common Core Solution
We provide a common language and common skill-based approach to teaching literacy skills. Our Common Core tools support teachers as they implement the new literacy standards across content areas.
Get on the Skill Train
Surround yourself with the best, high quality literacy resources available.
TA (Teacher Assistant)

TA (Teacher Assistant)

TA is the ultimate online teaching assistant. The TA supports the implementation of Common Core standards through a dynamic set of literacy skills and Common Core tools. All teachers could use a helping hand.

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Literacy Skills Activity Books

Literacy Skills Activity Books

Designed for students to practice skills every day, our activity books engage students in Common Core aligned reading, writing, and speaking activities for non-fiction texts. Get students learning and mastering literacy skills.

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Literacy Training

Literacy Training

We are classroom teachers who are passionate about working with educators. Our workshops empower and motivate teachers with practical teaching methods and literacy skills that can be implemented the next day.

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Educators Love It
The ultimate 21st century literacy resource for the 21st century teacher.

I'm thrilled with the step-by-step lessons, prompts, and activities that will help me break down skills into small parts for my students to practice with explicit instruction. Thanks for all the resources!”

- Coleen (San Diego, CA)


You rock! Love the lesson planner template and the resources on the website.”

- Victoria (Cobb, GA)

Brilliant use of technology to raise the level of rigor in our classrooms with incredible resources and support for the teacher.”

- Melodye (Cobb, GA)


As a new teacher it is so great to be exposed to new strategies across the curriculum to help engage and motivate students.”

- Erin (San Diego, CA)

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